Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Racial Profiling Here

LAPD rejects study finding racial profiling by officers - Los Angeles Times Yale University scholars apparently don't know what they are doing. Or so says the LAPD.
Top LAPD officials, speaking before the civilian commission that oversees the department, acknowledged that minorities are more frequently subjected to searches and other action during stops than are whites, but dismissed the claim of widespread racial profiling among officers and defended the department's efforts to address the issue. They also attacked the study, saying that analysis of data from traffic and pedestrian stops cannot accurately determine whether officers are biased.
Imagine that! Actually looking at what officers do to determine what they think. Why not just ask them if they are prejudiced? They wouldn't lie would they?

Of course they want to lean on crime statistics, but the behavior is in both high crime and low crime neighborhoods.
The problem is that the ACLU study found that minorities are more likely than whites to be stopped, searched and arrested even in low-crime neighborhoods, and where they make up only a small percent of the residents.
No smoking gun, just a lot of smoke.

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