Thursday, January 22, 2009

What if you were arrested for something you didn't do?

"Errors" in fingerprint analysis.... Hasn't this been solid science for generations? Fingerprint experts errors: LAPD errors may be linked to other cases - 1/16/09 - Los Angeles So what would you do if told your fingerprints were somewhere they couldn't be?
The first problems came about in the fall when two people were implicated in cases they knew nothing about because of analysts' mistakes. The charges were eventually dropped, but now the LAPD said they have to look at other cases for mistakes.
About 1000 cases are being reviewed.

Are these simple errors? The cynic in me says it is more than that. But, they have taken some action... firing one fingerprint analyst, and even reassigning supervisors. More than they usually do, though I have to believe more than one persons was responsible for those 1000 cases.

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