Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Apparently There Was No Question on Tax Evasion

Tom Daschle, is out, because he had tax problems. Is not paying more than 100,000 bucks a problem? It would be for me or you. (Does anyone remember the advice Steve Martin gave on Saturday Night Live about not paying taxes?)

Daschle, and Nancy Killefer (who also had tax "problems") and Tim Geithner (who apparently got in under the wire) make "Change you can believe in" look more like "Scofflaws on parade."

Anyway, what happened that questionnaire?
Slowing everything further is a new culture of intensive vetting. Ethics rules have been tightened, and background checks have become more thorough. A would-be Obama administration official must answer a 63-item questionnaire that asks, among other things, if he or she has ever written an e-mail or penned a diary entry that might embarrass the administration.
If these three are the result of "tightened background checks" I hate to think of the what the old process was. Or, it couldn't be that all the nonsense about better ethics is just window dressing? That the politicos - starting the head guy and working on down - see this not so much as change, as more of the same? No, that couldn't be it. A Chicago-politician would never lie to us, would he?

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