Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cooperation Fails to Secure Safety

Gunmen kill 2 store clerks in separate robberies near fairgrounds 2 tragedies. But what caught my eye, was that in one case, they "gave the robbers what they wanted."
[One clerk] said he had handed the man money, about $100, but, when the robber shot his co-worker, Alhajj said he quickly grabbed the bulletproof glass and slammed it down. The robber then ran out the door.
So they handed over the money, and still someone was shot.

The Left loves to say that if you cooperate with violent criminals, they will stop being violent criminals. The Truth is a little more complicated. Cooperating with them will not guarantee safety. (When the Left is saying "cooperate," the subject of women and rape never seems to come up.)

Violent criminals will remain violent, even if you are singing Kumbaya.

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