Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Love These Kinds of Stories

Break-in suspect charged with murder after accomplice is shot by homeowner Three thugs break into a home. The homeowner shoots and kills one of them. The homeowner will not be charged - self-defense is legal after all. One of the two surviving thugs will be charged.
Police say Wood and his two sons broke into the home. The homeowner fatally shot the father, but now one of the sons that faces a murder rap.

"In a situation where individuals are involved in a felonious act of some type and an individual is murdered or killed, they can also be charged with that murder," said Lt. Barry Wilkerson, commander of the LMPD Homicide unit.
Family values discussion, anyone?

Duct tape and wire, implied this was more than a robbery gone wrong, they intended to harm the people in that house.

So James Wood, Senior is dead, Junior is charged with murder, and the other brother is still being sought by police.

And again - the homeowner is not charged. He successfully defended himself from these goblins, as is his right.

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