Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Still Don't Understand Why They Waited

U.S. investigation of Chicago police torture widens to include colleagues of Jon Burge -- They waited until the statute of limitations had expired, so that they can't actually charge anyone with torture. Perjury and conspiracy are better than nothing, I guess.
Federal prosecutors continue to investigate decades-old allegations that Chicago police routinely tortured murder suspects, focusing on a half-dozen detectives following the recent indictment of former Cmdr. Jon Burge, the alleged ringleader, sources said.

Subpoenas served on the city show that prosecutors are looking at detectives long linked to Burge and the South Side precincts where he worked mostly during the 1980s.
It wasn't one man who did all of this.

Consider the case of Andrew Wilson, who died in jail in 2007.
The Chicago Police Board found Burge guilty in 1983 of violating department rules, a determination that ultimately led to his firing a decade later. Wilson's facial injuries and burn marks had been photographed by jail personnel and doctors following his 1982 arrest. The supervising physician at the Cook County Jail, John Raba, even wrote the police superintendent asking for an investigation.
There was no investigation.

And it took 10 years to get a bad cop off the force. I imagine the unions had something to do with that. Why bother to even try? And I think he kept his pension through all of that. So much for a "Justice System." The System is not interested in Justice.

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