Saturday, February 21, 2009

People Still Don't Believe that the Police Don't Have to Protect Them

Ill. court rejects suit in Glenview woman's death -- Another in a long list of law suits that are tossed because you can't sue the cops.
Two suburban Chicago police departments can't be sued for failing to protect a woman they knew had been the target in a murder-for-hire plot, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled Friday.
They should not have promised, but you still can't sue.

The police are there to keep the peace, not be your personal body guards. Think of all the shows: CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, etc. They all start with the crime being committed or discovered. Then, after someone is dead or raped, only then do the police get involved.
There aren't enough police to offer surveillance for every domestic violence victim, she wrote, noting there were only 38,600 full-time police officers in the state in 2005, compared to 64,600 orders of protection.
When a bad guy crashes through your front door at 3 AM, you are on your own.

The state is focusing on GPS tracking for some domestic violence offenders. But I think they should give everyone with a restraining order a pistol, ammo and training.

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