Monday, February 09, 2009

Self-defense Works

Sheriff's seeking four men who attempted home invasion | � ** Updated ** What would you do if four armed thugs broke into your home?
The invaders were armed with handguns and an assault rifle but the homeowner was able to keep the men from coming in by retrieving a handgun and firing at them, the Sheriff’s Department said.
The police have identified one of the thugs, but no arrests yet.

But the good guys were unharmed, and that is the important point.
In a span of about 15 seconds, the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the garage but quickly began back peddling. Some of the invaders ran from the home while one got back into the car as gunfire struck the window.
One of them did get shot in the arm.

Self-defense works. It is also a human right.

UPDATE: Video is available.

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