Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid Criminal

Gun-toting good Samaritan foils Pompano Beach robbery - Breaking News - This is almost as stupid as trying to hold up a gun store.
First, he forgot to put his Jeep in park when he allegedly pulled behind Walid Hamad's car and jumped out to rob the 48-year-old Palm Beach County man.

Second, the spot he chose for the armed robbery happened to be in the driveway of a Pompano Beach surveillance and securities retail store where employees are particularly active in exercising their Second Amendment rights.
A car crash alerted people. A customer of store - with a concealed carry license - got him to drop his weapon. When he tried to run, he was tackled and held for police. Security cameras recorded everything.

If his vehicle was out of gas, it would be a perfect score of zero for this hapless idiot.

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