Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is Why Self-defense Is So Important

Report Shows Women in Abusive Relationships Most at Risk When Breaking Up Abusive folks just don't know the meaning of, "It's over!" And if you are moving out/have just moved out/are trying to move out, they can get very violent.
University of Minnesota School of Social Work Professor Jeffrey Edleson, the director of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse, noted that if [one dead victim] had felt intimidated by [by her also dead ex-boyfriend], “he would have hoped that she would have taken steps to have someone else there while she broke up” with him as well as have a contingency plan, although she may not have been aware of his violent tendencies, writes the Star Tribune.
People should rely on those special someones like Strum and Ruger, or Smith and Wesson, or someone else who can stop the bum in his tracks. But that's just me. (Peace through superior firepower.)

This article goes on to talk about why doctors aren't addressing abuse (why would they?) and a lot of other meaningless stuff from the Left.

The truth is simple. At 3 AM, when that violent ex crashes through your door, the police aren't going to be there to rescue you. You will be on your own. Better to have some help.
2 ways to shield yourself from violent attack
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