Sunday, February 15, 2009

"An upstanding, law-abiding family?"

Va. man gets nearly 3 years in G’town gay bashing - Washington Blade An upstanding, law-abiding family whose son sent a Georgetown University Medical student to the hospital with a head injury from being hit with a bottle.

Two boys are charged with crimes: one being charged with a hate crime, both facing deportation. Deportation would be to Sudan.

The family is crying, "Why take this out on my child?"

Because the "child" committed a crime. (Forget the hate crime aspect.) Felony assault is grounds for deportation. Given that this is his second assault conviction, I don't feel that sorry for him. Various old sayings come to mind: "You made your bed,..." Something about Chickens and roosting, looking and leaping, and other stories.

Lot's of excuses for why to avoid deportation. He doesn't speak Arabic (the main language of Sudan), he has no relatives in Sudan, Sudan is a bad place. Blah blah blah. He was given more than one chance. He blew it. Now its time to Pay the Piper.

The mother is appealing for sympathy from the judge. They left Sudan in the 1980s to "build a new life" in America. She should have explained to her son the conditions that are involved in building that new life. And that violating those conditions have repercussions. Serious repercussions.

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