Sunday, February 08, 2009

Will There Be Justice?

JusticeTwo Men Go to Trial in Murder Case This Week | | The Ledger | Lakeland, FL The part of Florida where this took place isn't known for its forward thinking.
The two men suspected in the murder of a young gay man named Ryan Skipper are going to trial this week.
Who is Ryan Skipper? Just another dead gay man, dead at the hands of bigoted straights. (You can find out more about Ryan Skipper and his life and death by following this link.) The short version is that Ryan Skipper was killed because of who he was. His very existence was abhorrent to these two men. He didn't do anything to them. He just was.

And the sheriff isn't so forward thinking as this story makes him out to be.
The Polk County Sheriff's Office called his slaying a hate crime after a witness told them the men charged in his killing did it because Skipper was gay.
He started out by calling Skipper a drug addict, and insinuating that he deserved what he got. As far as I can tell, he never apologized. Why apologize for insulting the dead? He was only a queer after all.

I am almost surprised that this wasn't plead down to manslaughter. That seems to be the usual course of events, because prosecutors can't usually be bothered with trying the death of a queer. (In this case in Canada, one person was sentenced to 6 years - he served 4 - for the beating death of a gay man.)

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