Wednesday, March 18, 2009

45 Minutes for Police to Arrive to a Crime in Progress

GAY BIAS ATTACK? - I question their taste in music, but for it to take police 45 minutes to respond to a beating in progress is a bit extreme.
Kehoe said a security guard at a nearby building and two passersby called the police. They waited about 45 minutes for police to arrive, according to Kehoe, even though about three squad cars passed the scene. When cops finally arrived, Caldwell was taken to University Hospital with his jaw broken in two spots.
It couldn't be that cops just aren't interested in coming to the aid of gays, is it? No, that would never happen. Bias in the ranks of cops? Unheard of!

Of course even if NJ had reasonable firearm laws, and even if two gay men believed it was in their interest to be armed in self-defense, they would probably have been disarmed in a venue like Prudential Center. Is that because crime never occurs at venues like that?
Police say the same attackers assaulted and robbed four young women a block away before encountering the couple.
No, those things are always safe.

Don't expect any justice in this attack.

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