Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Video Erased by Police - Maybe

Man shot by police used X-Acto knife to make greeting cards: family I have long maintained that everything cops do should be videoed. But they don't like that. Video evidence of their actions?

This is the story of a man shot by police. The police have one story. Witnesses have a different story.
At least one witness, Adam Smolcic, says Hubbard was not being aggressive towards police.
Smolcic, the witness, claims he filmed the shooting on his cell phone but an officer at the scene erased the video. The phone is being analyzed by a data-recovery expert.
Police seized two other surveillance videos, but won't release them to the public.

If it turns out that a cop did in fact delete a video, he should be charged with destruction of evidence, witness intimidation, and anything else they can.

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