Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attention LEOs: Not Everyone With a Gun is a Bad Guy

Phoenix - Valley Fever - Hero Homeowner Shot Mistakenly by Phoenix Cop Seeks $5.75 Million Settlement From City A homeowner captures an intruder, and is holding him at gunpoint waiting for the cops to show up. When the cops show up they shoot him.

Even after they learn he is the homeowner, not the intruder, they don't treat him very well. He was expected to die.
Arambula didn't die. But his survival, says the claim, came despite further bad treatment by the cops. Manning says cops dragged the bleeding homeowner across gravel, right in front of his wife and kids, and then tossed him on the superheated hood of a squad car.
The police in this case should be out. The city should pay, and these cops should lose everything: job, pension, home, respect.

What happens if you call the police, and when they get there, they make things worse? I usually ask that question in relation to hate crimes, because calling police to the scene of hate crime will often make things worse for the victim.

I guess the moral of the story is don't try to capture them. Execute them and claim self-defense. (The intruder had a gun, and it was recovered from the son's bedroom.) Is that the world that we want? It seems to be the world that the police want.

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