Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Disturbing Katrina Story

FBI Opens Inquiry Into Death of Henry Glover - ProPublica All these years and we are still finding out things about the aftermath.

Law enforcement had time to confiscate guns, but apparently couldn't be bothered to call for an ambulance for someone who had been shot.
A 31-year-old father of four, Glover was shot by an unknown assailant shortly after the hurricane struck, on Sept. 2, 2005, according to Tanner. Glover sought help from a group of NOPD officers, but the cops refused to treat Glover or call for an ambulance, allowing him to bleed to death in the back seat of a car, Tanner says.

Police, according to Tanner, then seized both the auto and Tanner’s body. The car, a Chevrolet Malibu, was eventually discovered in an isolated spot along the Mississippi River. Inside was Glover’s severely burnt corpse, which had been reduced to little more than ashes and bone fragments, autopsy records and photos show. No witness has yet come forward to describe how the car caught fire.
And it doesn't seem like the police were interested in finding out how the car caught fire until just recently. For 3 years the car was left "rusting on the riverbank." It was only collected for evidence in the last month.

The FBI is involved to see if anyone broke the law. (Gee, ya think?)

And people still believe that police, the system, will save you if you are in trouble.

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