Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here's a Story I Missed

VOA News - Japan Sends Ships to Anti-Piracy Mission Off Somalia This is a big deal, but not many of the news agencies are paying attention. Japan's constitution (written in American English at the end of World War II) limits them to a Self-defense Force. For years, that was interpreted to mean they stayed close to home.
Japan has sent two navy destroyers to the water's off Somalia's coast to join international anti-piracy efforts in the region.
This is a major change for them.

At least someone is doing something at last. And the efforts are seeing some improvement.
The International Maritime Bureau says international anti-piracy efforts have reduced the number of successful hijackings in the area to one in seven attacks.
My (somewhat cynical) guess is that after a year or two, the governments will lose interest, and the pirates will start up again. They did get a few million dollars in the past year; that's not the kind of business you walk away from.

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