Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mr. Beef goes to Washington

Mr. Beef goes to Washington - Mr Beef, a Chicago landmark eatery (it would a stretch to call it a restaurant) is having its line of credit canceled.
Joe Zucchero described how his line of credit has been cut off by a bank that's received federal bailout money. He says his business now faces foreclosure.

"We hope that we get some banks to refinance. Let loose of some of that money that's out there," Joe Zucchero, Mr. Beef owner.
He hasn't missed payments. He isn't particularly at risk of going out of business. He just had his line of credit canceled.

People are reacting like they canceled Christmas. It is almost a shame that he isn't asking for a bailout. That would make for some good political theater.

My favorite is the Italian sausage with hot peppers.

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