Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So How Do You Get a Parking Ticket on a Car You No Longer Own?

What's Your Problem Update: 24th ticket tossed out, too -- You get that ticket from a bent cop in Chicago.

24 bogus tickets? Hmmmm.
Of the 24 tickets issued since October 2007, 13 were signed by the same officer at various locations on the South Side.

Those 13 tickets were issued in four batches over a five-month span. All 13 of the tickets were sequential in number, meaning that from May to October, the officer wrote tickets exclusively to Geinosky from the ticket book in question.
Internal affairs is investigating, but no action has been taken.

At least one of the tickets was issued months after he sold the car in question. It's almost like the cops were making the whole thing up.

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