Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because Beating an Unconscious Man Who Was Ejected From Vehicle in Crash is What They Do

So this was not a nice guy. He nearly ran over an officer, and went on a 22 minute ride to try and escape. He crashed, was ejected from the vehicle (which rolled twice). He was then beaten. Caught on Tape: Officers Fired Over Beating of Unconscious Man - ABC News. I'm sorry, but beating a man who isn't moving a muscle, is lying face down, is a bit of a stretch for me.

Sort of like tasering a guy with a broken back because he won't move when you tell him too.

OK 22 minutes of heart-pumping adrenaline. If you can't control it, should you be on the force? The folks in charge didn't think so.

The incident in question happened in January of 2008, but everyone who saw it - and apparently a lot of cops did see it - kept their mouths shut. (Thin Blue Line? What thin blue line?)

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