Thursday, May 21, 2009

But I Thought Everyone Liked Dear Leader

Jonathan Spyer's Analysis - Obama: An innocent abroad A pretty scathing review of Obama vis a vie realities in the Middle East.
There were those in Israel who suspected Obama of being a kind of wolf in sheep's clothing, preparing with a friendly smile to offer up Israel as a sacrifice to its regional enemies.

The picture emerging from the alleged details of his plan suggest a different, though not necessarily more comforting characterization: When it comes to the Middle East, Obama is an innocent abroad.
The following statement about his "plan" from Mid-East peace leaves me flabbergasted.
This state [Palestinian State of 2 State Accords] will be established within four years of the commencement of negotiations.
If we already know how the negotiation is going to end, why have them in the first place? Why not just issue the decree of how things will be and send in the Marines? (And the Dems accused Bush of setting up an empire.)
["The Plan"] has been formulated without reference to regional realities.

Currently, west of the Jordan River there are three political entities: Israel, the West Bank Palestinian Authority, and a Hamas-run, quasi-sovereign body in the Gaza Strip.
Entities 1 and 3 are in a state of war with each other.

Entity 2's existence is underwritten by entity 1, without which it would be devoured by entity 3.
The Obama plan, it would appear, simply fails to take into account the fact of Hamas-run Gaza's existence.
I mean be fair, why clutter the issue with facts?

Aside from ignoring the realities of today, he seems to want to try again what was tried before and failed. I suppose his near greatness will make them succeed. I mean, he must be great; he wrote two autobiographies before he was 45. (Or is that vain?)

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