Friday, May 15, 2009

Chicago Removing Art that Offends the Police

City Room™ - Metro - Alderman Destroys Public Art A mural painted on private property. The police believed it contained an anti-police message. The city painted over it.
11th ward alderman James Balcer says he called in the graffiti blasters because the owner of the building never got a permit for the mural.
But of course even in Chicago you don't need a permit for artwork - as long as it isn't commercial in nature.
But a spokesperson for the city's law department says there's no permit necessary for a mural on the side of a private building as long as it's not an advertisement and as long as the property owner has given their permission.
(Signs need a permit.)

Good bye 1st Amendment. Hello police state. You can't express yourself if the government doesn't like what you have to say. Welcome to the police state.

Note: I'm filing this under Cops Behaving Badly, even though it is really the rest of government tramping on freedom of expression.

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