Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cops Don't Like Your Views, You Get a Ticket

Cops take fight to wake - OK, you want to do political lobbying at a wake, that's fine with me. I think it is in poor taste, but I think most of society today is in poor taste.

But ticketing politicos because you don't like how they vote, even if they parked legally crosses some line somewhere. Even if the cops don't see it.
A Boston police captain apologized to state senators yesterday for Boston police officer John Mullan’s Wednesday afternoon ticketing spree. Mullan slapped orange surprises on 15 cars around the State House, many of which were legally parked, just hours after senators filed a budget eliminating state funding for the Quinn Bill.
That's a bill that gives higher education perks to police. The state apparently is trying to balance the budget.

This is not a Constitutionally-protected form of free speech. It is breaking the law. The police say "don't worry" - internal affairs is on the case.

That attitude of "I'll show them" is probably not limited to just one of "Boston's Finest." I just like to think that most cops are smart enough not to sign their names to something this blatant. Which only means that I think they will probably do something sneakier.

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