Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Falsely Arrest Kid to Extort Sex from the Mother

Cop indicted on sex, extortion charges Cops using their authority to commit crimes? I'm shocked - shocked! - to discover gambling extortion...
The indictment accuses Steele of crimes associated with May 14 allegations of coercing oral sex from the mother of a child Steele is accused of falsely arresting and locking up in the county's juvenile jail. The mother accused Steele of forcing her into the sex act as she tried to get her son out of the juvenile jail.

Steele, 46, of Springfield Township, was indicted for rape, sexual battery, extortion and intimidation in connection with the allegation involving the mother and with abduction and intimidation involving the arrest and jailing of her child.
He faces up to 70 years in prison.

"Innocent until proved guilty" and all that, but it doesn't surprise me if cops are stepping over the line and breaking the law.

And if he is guilty you have to ask, is this the first time it happened, or only the first time he got caught?

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