Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Dare You Come Into Our Bar!

Gay Man Beaten At Warren County Bar Don't go to a straight bar in Warren County Ohio, not if you're gay.
Kelly Coffey says her friends, a mix of gay and straight people chose Tabby's to play sand volleyball - but were harassed by a man who continued to ask who in the group was gay and who wasn't & her brother finally answered. 'When he admitted that he was, they lost it, went crazy and started attacking my brother and pushing him out of the bar.'"
Apparently we can't all just get along.

Two people are under arrest, two more are being sought by police.
Ronnie Robertson's nose is broken, he has deep cuts and scratches around his eyes and cheeks.
And in case anyone is paying attention, Ohio's Hate Crime Law doesn't cover gays and lesbians, because people are never attacked just over their sexual orientation. Not in Ohio anyway. Or at least not that the powers-that-be care.

If you want to debate hate crimes laws, fine. I am not a fan of hate crimes laws. But once you have such laws...

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