Monday, May 11, 2009

Self-defense Works - International Division

Good Guys 4; Bad Guys 0. Two shot in botched PTA robbery They suffered a failure of the victim selection process.
Four robbers, two armed with firearms, approached a 35-year-old man walking in the street with his wife on Friday night, said spokesman Inspector Matthew Nkoadi.

"One robber pointed a firearm at him, attempting to rob them, and he in turn pulled his own licensed firearm and shot two of them, one in buttocks and one in the cheek. All four ran away," said Nkoadi.
The 4 were arrested at a local hospital were 2 of the would-be thieves were being treated for gunshot wounds.

Even when the bad guys have the advantage, self-defense can still work to your advantage. There are no guarantees of course. Having a plan for your personal defense does not make you invincible, but it can alter the odds in your favor.

Self-defense is a human right.

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