Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some of Those Evil Speculators

The Associated Press: Judge denies motion to postpone Chrysler sale Obama (and his car czar) pushed the Chrysler deal through by painting the bond holders as eeeevil speculators who weren't in it for the country.

Turns out some of the people he threw under the bus were other union members.
The Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund and Indiana State Police Pension Trust, along with the Indiana Major Moves Construction Fund, filed an objection to the proposed sale, saying the deal as currently structured gives preferential treatment to other stakeholders in the case while ignoring the needs of Chrysler's secured lenders.
That's OK. I am sure we will bail them out next.

They wanted to stand on there property rights. He didn't think their rights meant anything. Welcome to the future of America. Change I can't believe in.

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