Thursday, May 21, 2009

There May or May Not Be a Meeting to Address Somalian Piracy

Hey, the Italians and the UN are on the job. The Somalis don't seem to know anything about it. Italy says to host meeting on Somali piracy | Reuters
ROME, May 20 (Reuters) - Italy said on Wednesday it would host a meeting in June with Somalia's government and opposition to discuss ways of stabilising the country and tackling piracy, but a Somali minister said he was not aware of such a meeting.
I mean why do the Europeans need to consult with the Somalis about stabilizing their country. Is this an Italian or a UN screw up? Because it is screwed up. Or FUBAR, might be the correct acronym.

And while I agree that something needs to be done to stabilize Somalia, something also needs to be done to cut off the multimillion dollar paydays the pirates are getting. And also stopping them today. Stabilizing Somalia - the UN has been working on this Clinton was in Office - isn't going to happen overnight. Piracy is a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

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