Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two Conflicting Messages from the Right

Why Republicans Are in Trouble, Chapter 748 On the one hand, they favor local choices.
Sen. Jim DeMint, writing in the WSJ, makes a strong case for letting different states make different policy choices. "Centralized government infringes on individual liberty and...problems are best solved by the people or the government closest to them." If "choices look different in South Carolina, Maine and California," why, that's just fine.
Sounds good. Too bad he doesn't really mean it.
Except when it's not. DeMint, of course, favors a national ban on same-sex marriage. No word from the Senator on how he squares the circle. We're waiting.
Right doesn't like the federal government to interfere, except of course when they want the federal government to interfere.

Tolerance? Only for intolerance.
Here's what else has Republicans looking toxic to young people and moderates: one of their leading national spokespeople, Joe the Plumber, calls gays "queer" and says he would not let them "anywhere near" his children. Lots of Republicans will be wincing privately at this almost refreshingly direct expression of bigotry, but let's see how many repudiate Joe Wurzelbacher publicly.
It will be a long time before Republicans win national election, unless something epic happens, like another major terrorist attack. I wonder if the Republicans will start hoping for something bad to happen - they way they used to try and paint the Democrats.

The truth is there is almost no difference between the Republicans and Democrats. They both want more control over everyone's life. They only differ about what controls they want in place.

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