Saturday, May 02, 2009

Two Stories of Home Invasions

Clayton Man Killed Protecting Girlfriend, 2 Children During Home Invasion This guy died a hero, defending children from violent attack.
Police said the gunman forced his way into a unit at the Poplar Springs Apartments in the 300 block of Dayna Springs Drive just after midnight.

When the suspect pointed his gun at the woman's head, her boyfriend began fighting with the gunman. The woman and the two children escaped and hid in a bedroom.
Hiding in a bedroom isn't something I recommend, but it worked in this case.

This guy was unarmed. He did what he had to do, but he paid a terrible price. K9 units were not able to track this guy, so he is still out there.

Homeowner shoots alleged intruder tells a different story.
A Hopkins homeowner shot a man in the upper body Thursday morning, telling Richland County sheriff’s deputies the man was trying to break into his home.
Now some will tell you that if the bad guy is armed, being able to defend yourself does no good. Really, consider the story at this link. And if you follow my posts on self-defense, there are plenty of examples of homeowners, shopkeepers and people with concealed carry permits who get the better of crooks, even when the crooks appear to start out with the upper hand. One of my favorite stories involves two armed goblins in a Subway Sandwich shop and 71-year-old, retired Marine. (One goblin was shot and killed, the other shot and arrested.)

Having the proper tools for a job, can make all the difference.

Self-defense is a human right.

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