Saturday, May 02, 2009

Use the Courts as Vehicle for Harassment

People think the System will protect you. This is the story of a guy who is using the courts to harass his wife. He is in prison for trying to kill her. (He came damn close.) 'He won't let go': Husband stalks divorce-seeking wife from his cell

The lawyers say it his right to continually file meaningless motions against his wife (The divorce isn't final, that is what he is fighting about.) The woman he admitted trying to kill.
FOUR YEARS after her husband shot her six times, repeatedly raped her and left her bleeding on the bathroom floor for hours, Crystal Haynes says that she's being victimized by him again - in court.

Today, she is to appear in Montgomery County Family Court for the ninth time in about 18 months to try to finalize a no-fault divorce she filed in 2005.
The judge could of course put a stop to it anytime. Put themselves out of business? Hasn't happened yet.

There is too much to list all his transgressions. Go look. Remember that the system will not protect you. Sometimes the system is part of the problem.

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