Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What if You Have No Phone?

How do you follow the Left's advice to call 911 and do nothing else, if you don't have a phone? Robber cuts phone line, robs elderly woman in LaPorte home invasion He cut her phone line. When he confronted her, he broke her cell phone.

I think she is lucky to be uninjured.

In a classic case of disregarding your instincts, she ignored her only warning.
“I heard something on the side of my house. And that must have been when he was cutting the phone line,” she said.

But the woman dismissed the noise, thinking it must be the wind. A few minutes later, she heard the thief break down her kitchen door.
Don't disregard your instincts. You have them for a reason.

If she had picked up the phone to report a prowler, she would have been on the line with 911 when the door was kicked in.

I still think she would be better off pointing something like a loaded .357 magnum at the bedroom door while dialing 911, but that's me.

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