Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's what Obama has with the LGBT community right now. Obama's upcoming hush-hush damage control meeting with LGBTQ leaders So he is going to ask the question "What do you want?" Can he really be that stupid?

He not only hasn't addressed one of his campaign promises, he has actually pissed people off via a couple of maneuvers.
The president has sold us out in California today. He filed a brief and a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act that is so insanely bigoted that the HRC, Human Rights Campaign, which is the most mainstream middle of the road gay group, called it false and damaging legal arguments. People are incensed.
Then there is Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
To add salt to an already open wound for our LGBTQ servicemembers, Obama's administration stated in the court papers that the ruling on DADT was correct because of the military's legitimate concern of LGBTQ servicemembers endangering “unit cohesion “ in spite of the 2002 study “ A Modest Proposal: Privacy as a Flawed Rationale for the Exclusion of Gays and Lesbians from the U.S. Military,” that proved otherwise.
"Unit cohesion" is the argument used by the racists to resist integration of the services in the 40s. Now the homophobes are using it.

Dan Savage says:
I'm sick of hearing about the president's commitment. I want to see action from the White House.
Unfortunately it isn't likely to be action that he will like.

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