Saturday, June 06, 2009

Are We Winning the War on (Some) Drugs?

A trillion dollars in 39 years. Has it been worth it?Drugs like marijuana: the no-brainer!
In 2008 the criminal justice system processed some 845,000 criminal cases for marijuana, about 90% for possession with intent to smoke. How many hours does that represent and what other crimes received less attention?
It isn't like all violent crime is under control, or that we have all the money in the world to incarcerate non-violent folks.

Consider the other costs.
“Wait! We are not done. These 845,000 MJ cases go to the lab that must show that the green stuff really is pot. Labs around the country are over-loaded with drug cases. Since drugs are the most important, guess what cases are not being processed? Rape kits & their DNA. According to National Public Radio and unrefuted, 400,000 rape kits some years old have never been opened. Rapists are running loose as labs process Willie’s last possession with intent to smoke bust. Reduction in Public Safety!
So tell me again why it is so important to keep waging this losing war?

So what is this all about, really?

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