Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cops Don't Like Service at McDonalds - Pull a Gun - Don't Pay

I guess they thought that the rules (laws?) didn't apply to them. McMenacing? Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's -
two off-duty Denver police officers placed an order from their car in the early morning hours of May 21. But once at the drive through window, the employee said the men became agitated and angry at how long their food was taking. The men thought they were being ignored, according to contacts familiar with the worker's account. The male clerk then said one of the officer's flashed his police badge and pointed a pistol through the drive through window in a threatening manner, before driving off without paying.
Imagine that... having to WAIT for your food to be prepared at a fast food joint. I mean they never run out of fries, or if they do new fries are ready in under 10 seconds. Right? No, that isn't how it works?

Anyway the powers-that-be are apparently treating this with the attention it deserves. In the long-run it will be interesting to see what comes of it. (Only one of the 2 are on administrative leave.) [via KABA]

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