Monday, June 15, 2009

The "Fierce Advocate" Strikes Again

So the self-proclaimed "fierce advocate" for gay rights had his Justice Department fight against gay rights. Gay Rights Groups Irate After Obama Administration Lauds Defense Of Marriage Act | Political Hotsheet - CBS News. The picture of what is essentially a left-wing protest is amazing.

But as I said before, why should Obama actually do anything for gays? It isn't politically expedient, and if you think a Chicago Machine politician is going to do something because it's right, you haven't heard the name Blagojevich.
As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama claimed "we need to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act," which says states are not required to recognize other states' same-sex marriages.

That was then. This week, the Obama administration is facing the ire of gay rights groups after it filed a brief in California federal court defending the Defense of Marriage Act and calling it a "valid exercise of Congress' power" that is saving taxpayers money.
Two-faced? Most definitely. But then the man is a politician. Add to this the fact that he has continued so many of the Bush policies that angered everyone, and I wonder if people still be in the "change."

What change? Oh, yeah, implementation of socialism. That change. Is that really what people voted for?

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