Saturday, June 06, 2009

Good Bye First Amendment

The idea that some ideas cannot be discussed is a dangerous place to be. We are there. Some Colleges Bar Even Talking About Right to Bear Arms, Gun Advocates Say

This is a fairly extreme repression of the first amendment.
Brashier maintains she was hauled into a meeting with the dean, who told her "that the club would never be approved, that the school did not wish to discuss the topic, and to cease speaking about it as well as destroy the literature."

The school acknowledged Monday that it told Brashier to stop leafletting — not because it didn't like what she had to say, but because school policy requires that any "mass distribution" of materials must get clearance from school officials ahead of time. In addition, officials said, her pamphlets implied that Students for Concealed Carry was already a sanctioned student organization on campus.
You can have your 1st Amendment rights, as long as the bureaucrats agree. So a free press doesn't apply to "mass distribution" of materials, apparently.

Government control of what you can say, and read, is designed to control what you can think. If no one can discuss legal concealed carry, you will never think about it, and never think it might be a good idea. That is why the 1st Amendment exists, to combat that.

Apparently the powers-that-be at Community College of Allegheny County never got that far through their middle school civics class. [NRA-ILA]

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