Monday, June 01, 2009

I Will NEVER Buy a Government Motors Vehicle

Until just recently, I drove GM cars. Since 1988, when I bought a Chevy Blazer, I have driven GM vehicles. When I was making 6 figures, I drove a Buick. (I would still be driving that car if a tourist in an SUV wasn't so busy marveling at how many palm trees there are in Florida.)

I have had trouble, but then I always drove my vehicles into the ground. (I bought one Buick when it had 93,000 miles on, and drove it for 4 years, before it became a problem.) Mostly I have been happy with GM.

I have argued with people about quality - a few years ago, 5 of the top 10 cars on J.D. Power's quality list were Detroit-3 brands. People were saying "Yeah, but Cadillac is expensive" when one of the other brands was Lexus. (Not exactly a discount brand.)

But that ends now. I will never buy another GM car. If someone gives me a GM car, I will sell it. What about "Never say never?" I can't see a set of circumstances that would make me change my mind. Certainly as long as the government is in the car business, I will not buy them.

Don't give the red herring about how we need to get our money back. The money we gave to GM is sunk cost. We will never see that money again. The next 30 billion is also lost. The only thing we can do is cut the pain as short as possible. Best to let GM go the way of American Motors.

The more we do to help GM, the more we hurt Ford. You remember Ford? The one US auto company that still is a private enterprise concern. We gave GM access to funding via GMAC and they immediately offered car deals that Ford had to match. Or try.

So, do you love GM so much that you are willing to put Ford to the screws? Because that is what is happening. Everything we give to GM or Chrysler is a slap at Ford for not needing more of a bailout. Or maybe the socialists who seem to be running everything today really want to control Ford as well.

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