Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is it just in Chicago (well greater Chicago) where this happens?

Cops extorting people, that is. Ex-Melrose Park chief, 2 other ex-cops convicted -- chicagotribune.com
Former chief Vito Scavo, 61, was found guilty on all counts, including racketeering, extortion and fraud by a federal court jury that deliberated for just five and a half hours over evidence in the seven-week trial.
He had a security company, and he convinced local businesses to hire his "employees" some of which included cops (on duty of course). If this was The Outfit, instead of a cop, it would be called "protection."

He apparently had 154,000 in unreported income. (That's what they got Al Capone for, tax evasion.) Quite a retirement plan if you ask me.

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