Saturday, June 06, 2009

No Mention of Self-defense

If I knew this woman, I would encourage her to get a firearm and training for herself and her children. Her ex-husband sounds like a monster. Abused woman in NC dreads release of ex-husband

Consider what she went through...
She was 23 the day in 1994 he beat her senseless, leaving her with back, neck and hand injuries — bone spurs, pinched nerves, osteoarthritis — that still require surgeries. He told Thompson he would kill her, bury her in the back yard and tell their daughters she had run away. He slapped her so hard that a ring on his right hand flew off and dented the wall.

The abuse continued for more than three hours. At his trial, she testified the pain was so severe when he squeezed her ears with pliers that she pleaded for him to kill her. Instead, he held her at gunpoint for another 15 hours before allowing her to go to a hospital.
The prosecuting attorney still remembers the case.
"In all the years I've defended or prosecuted cases like that, she probably suffered the worst and had the most horrific injuries for somebody who survived," Donna Stepp said. "I do remember the case just because of that and because of how far she came since that."
Police are helping with personal security, since the guy made pretty specific death threats, but you still have to be ready to act at a moment's notice.

Now maybe she is armed, and maybe the police are helping her with that (the police - rightly so - won't give any details about security), but what is completely amazing to me is that the reporter and editors of this article seem like they have never heard of self-defense. It doesn't enter their minds, so barricade against the truth - the police don't come til after the crime is committed. And that is often too late.

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