Saturday, June 27, 2009

Socialized Medicine

Shortages of Neonatal ICU beds in single-payer Canada. Only choice - send a premature infant to that Capitalist wasteland - America - for treatment. Parents separated from ill preemie

The parents don't have passports, so they couldn't follow the child into the US. (Wait, I thought only ignorant Americans didn't have passports.)

And while all of this is certainly a tragedy, the part that I find most disturbing was buried in the article.
Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, president of McMaster Children's Hospital, said he's in discussions with the Ministry of Health about getting more beds for the NICU, which is already the largest and most modern in Ontario.
There is a shortage of NICU beds - this isn't the only case where children were sent far from home - but the hospital administrator can't look to his budget, or seek funding, but has to go hat-in-hand to a government functionary.

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