Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Story I Missed - Some Justice in Chicago

A lot of people remember a Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy dumping a wheelchair bound man on the floor. Fewer remember a case in Chicago where a cop beat a man handcuffed and shackled to a wheelchair. The Associated Press: Prison for Chicago cop who beat man in wheelchair To beat someone you think might be resisting arrest is one thing. To beat someone chained to wheelchair so that he can barely move is another.
A federal judge imposed the 40-month sentence after viewing hospital security footage of William Cozzi, 52, handcuffing the man to the chair in an emergency room. Cozzi then shackled the man's legs to the chair and struck him with a sap, a weapon similar to a small blackjack club with a heavy center and usually covered in leather. The officer later accused the man of attacking him.
The existence of video in more places may just enable more justice in cases like this.

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