Tuesday, June 30, 2009

“[They] didn't anticipate just how impatient our impatience would be.”

Joan Garry: "A President Who Fights With You and for You" It certainly looks like he will be fighting with us. He hasn't done much for us yet.

Obama tried to heal the rift with the LGBT community.
He brought out the good china, he brought out his two most senior advisors (Jarrett and Axelrod). He brought out the baby lamb chops. They tried very hard. They even hired a DJ to play house music (OK, maybe they tried a little too hard).
Now this it the Huffington Post, so they are going to spin it a certain way, but however you slice those lamb chops, this was ass covering, dealing with the problem after the fact. Because there is a problem when one of your core group of supporters - in the financial sense - turns against you, it is a problem. Was the meeting yesterday a good thing? Yes. Was it enough? What do you think?

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