Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You Use What Weapon is Available

Is this properly filed under "citizens' arrest?" This guy was lucky the beer was lite 4 friends were out for the evening and stopped to buy beer. A guy stole a wallet from one of them.
"He's got my wallet!" Kayte yelled as the robber headed for the door.

Taking chase, Kayte reached the sidewalk to see the guy pushing and trying to mount a bicycle. It dawned on Kayte there was something useful in her hand.

A 12-pack of Miller Lite -- bottles. Her friends' eyes widened as Kayte hoisted the box to shoulder height, reared back and shot-put the beer at the burglar maybe 12 feet away.
They retrieved the wallet and held the bicycle. As he walked away, one of them followed him. Police caught up with him shortly.

An interesting side note...
The ladies observed while rehashing the incident that several male bystanders had just stood there, not one making a move to help. Maybe it was the shock of seeing a guy put down by a 12-pack.
Attitude makes all the difference.

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