Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Because Shouting At a Bear in Your Home Makes Sense

The Left loves to go about how no one needs a gun. Not even if there is black bear in your kitchen? Rash of bear break-ins rattle Boulder residents : Boulder, CO
Authorities responded to several reports of bears in homes or yards west of Boulder on Tuesday night, including one in which a bear walked into a house in Sunshine Canyon.
So what would you do if a bear was in your home or your yard? Remember, they can be dangerous. [That is a list of FATAL attacks, and does not include any mauling the victim survived.] Would you change your tune if there were children around? If you are anti-hunting, the answer is, "probably not."

Still for what it's worth, if I am ever faced with a bear, I hope I have a 12 gauge or something similar at hand.

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