Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do People Still Think Money Insulates Them From Crime?

Marin County, California, is just north of San Francisco. Skywalker Ranch, home to George Lucas' production company, is in Marin County. If they aren't immune, why do you think you are? Domestic violence: Marin's most prevalent violent crime - Marin Independent Journal

Of course the vast majority of violence in affluent areas is not random street crime. It is still crime.
In the past five years, 88 percent of the 4,569 cases referred to the Marin district attorney's office by law enforcement agencies have involved domestic violence, according to statistics provided by the nonprofit advocacy group Marin Abused Women's Services.
That 88 percent includes a bit more than 50% of non-vehicular homicides in the county over the same period.

So does the fact that it isn't random crime, but domestic violence make it better or worse?

There are so many problems with the handling of domestic violence in this wealthy enclave, I don't where to begin, or what to leave out. Go read the whole thing.

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