Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Long Is Too Long for 911 Response?

Long enough to die, is too long. Jim Hearst’s death puts spotlight on paramedics’ wait-for-police policy - Posted Toronto No word on why paramedics were waiting for police. I suppose the dispatcher thought it might be a crime scene. It wasn't. It was a heart attack.
Witnesses say that an initial 911 call was made at about 11 p. m. about a man who had fallen at the well-kept high-rise just east of Yonge Street.

A security officer with Intelligarde reported back to her dispatcher that she was worried about Mr. Hearst’s condition, a source told the Post.

The dispatcher called 911 at 11:19 p. m.; he reported the victim was “blue in the face” and connected the operator with the security guard on the scene, the source said.

At 11:36 p. m., the dispatcher called 911 again: “I’m calling to let you know that he has no pulse.” Emergency officials were tending to Mr. Hearst at about 11:45 p. m., the source said.
45 minutes was too long.

But EMS was available after about 9 minutes. They were waiting for police. Where were police? Doing other things.

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