Monday, July 20, 2009

Illinois Will Never Give Up Its Gun Control

Not as long Mayor Dumbbell Daley is in Chicago, and folks like Father Pfleger *spit* scream about guns as the problem and ignore the criminals. Still there are cracks showing in the rest of the state. Police say concealed-carry law would deter criminals - Peoria, IL -
During a recent 10-week stint at the FBI's National Academy, which brought 250 worldwide law-enforcement executives to Quantico, Va., Peoria Police Chief Steven Settingsgaard said, "Everyone I spoke to was in favor of concealed carry."

On July 9, the village of Bartonville and its police department passed a resolution in support of the ISA's recommendation for legalized concealed-carry accompanied by stringent regulation of the process.
Illinois remains one of 2 states* (the other Wisconsin) that has no concealed carry law.

But they will scream about "The Wild West" and gunfights on every corner, just like they did in every other state. Of course Chicago already has some of these problems, because criminals disobey the law. [Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms]

* People argue about Hawaii, because though they have a "May issue" law on the books, it seems the permits are rarely issued.

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