Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It May Finally Be Time to Move Off Blogger Google

I kept with Blogger/Blogspot through all their problems and annoying down times and their (nearly) pointless migration.

But now that Google is engaging in censorship, I think it may be time to look elsewhere.

Just a Girl in Short Shorts has been hit with an "Objectionable Content" label. Google can't - or won't - describe why. Just some people are upset with her content. Of course she is libertarian dyke (self-described), and that drives a lot of folk's on the Left batty. So was that why people listed her blog as "objectionable?" Google won't say.

Google is not the government and is free to do what they want in the way of blogs they publish, but then so are we.

So the search for alternate hosting begins again. Free is a powerful draw, for Google. But there are other choices. So the search will begin again, for some other free site, that has less pretension to the title of Big Brother.

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