Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It Seems the Gays Aren't the Only Group Obama is Throwing Under the Bus

Lot's of liberal groups believed his campaign rhetoric instead of looking at his (sometimes very thin) record. Turns out people other than the gay community are opening their eyes to the truth. Obama is No Friend of Israel
Many glossed over the fact that President Obama sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pews for over 20 years listening to anti-Semitic hate speech, maintained personal relationships with well known Israel haters like Rashid Khalidi, called for a policy of engagement with state sponsors of terrorism including Iran and Hamas, and had no track record whatsoever prior to the presidential campaign of support for Israel. It wasn’t that they weren’t informed of these things, it’s just that Jewish Americans, a traditional liberal voting bloc, simply took him at his word that he would continue uninterrupted the tradition of American support for Israel.
Some of the things that are worrisome follow. (Read the article for the complete list.)
  • Calls for Israel to give up control of the Old City of Jerusalem - to the UN or some 3r party.
  • Calls for Israel to sign Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. In exchange for exactly nothing. (Give up their nuclear deterrent, while Iran develops their bomb?)
  • Obama's Cairo speech equated Holocaust with Israel's treatment of Palestinians. (So far I don't think Israel has been systematically trying to exterminate everyone of a certain ethnicity, but maybe I am not paying attention.)
My favorite is America joining the UN Human Rights Council - that UN body that repeatedly takes Israel to task, but can't find any indication of wrong doing in Somalia and has no problem with the execution of gay men in Arab countries or the stoning of women for the terrible crime of being rape-victims. Yeah, that is the council I want to be a part of.

78% of Jewish Americans voted for Obama. Just like the Gay Community, some of them are surprised at what they got.

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